Vintage Collection 2023

Since 2003, the Ooutraje Festival Band has graced the stage of Grand Kadooment. Beginning under the name T.L.Phases Inc, the band changed its name to Ooutraje in 2005 and since then has been a force to reckon with at Grand Kadooment. This year, the band has chosen to bid Grand Kadooment adieu and so felt it only fitting to highlight five sections of its award winning collection.

Section 1- Colour We Crop Over ($550.00)

The last band to be presented under the name T.L. Phases Inc , this section highlights the colour and splendour which is associated with Grand Kadooment. The colours which grace this costume were all highlighted in the 2004 band entitled “ Colour We Crop Over” and reflects the colours which are still dominant in many of the costumes which are showcased on Kadooment Day.

Section 2- Origins ($650.00)

In 2005, the band sought to pay homage to the various groups and people who would have originally built our nation. This year, the band highlighted the British, the Arawaks and the African Slaves who would have all contributed to the growth of our island Barbados. This was a wonderful year for the band as we won many prizes including the King of the Bands as our band leader Trevor Chase portrayed Shango, the African King. This costume represents the African section which was the most popular section of the band that year. It highlights the beauty of the African people through whose blood, sweat and tears our nation became what it is today.

Section 3- Jewels of Barbados ($650.00)

In 2008, the presentation Jewels of Barbados used various precious jewels to depict six Barbadians who have been excellent ambassadors for our country. These persons included our two living National Heroes the Right Excellent Robyn Rihanna Fenty and the Right Excellent Sir Garfield Sobers. Jewels used included diamonds, rubies, and tanzanite. Costumes in this section are adorned with many stones reflective of the precious gems used to highlight the sterling contribution made by the outstanding Barbadians.

Section 4- Wings of the Sanctuary ($650.00)

The Graeme Hall Nature Sanctuary was the highlight of Ooutraje’s presentation in 2013. “Wings of the Sanctuary” was a display of colour and beauty associated with the many butterflies and birds which call the nature sanctuary home. This section highlights the splendour of one of the many birds which visits the sanctuary at various times of the year.

Section 5- Descendants of the Great Tribes of Africa ($550)

In 2015 the Ooutraje Festival Band delved deeper into our African ancestors as it highlighted the tribes from which they came. This costume celebrates the Yoruba Tribe in Africa, one of the largest tribes found in West Africa. The Yoruba Tribe would have contributed to many of the social and cultural aspects of Barbados. It is only fitting that this contribution be honoured.

  • All prices are quoted in Barbados dollars.